DragonMarsh 2017 Sponsor

We are thrilled to announce that DragonMarsh is a Branch Sponsor for PCR 2017!

dragonmarshDragonMarsh- History, Mystery & Magick
Helping people find Spiritual Supplies since 1987.

Located in Downtown Riverside since 1991, DragonMarsh is an historical and spiritual store which offers unique items and supplies for spirituality.

DragonMarsh respects all life-affirming faiths, and carries supplies relevant to most major religions. For these faiths we offer items such as ritual tools, over 600 herbs and spices,over 200 teas, over 450 pure essential, perfume, base, massage, and magickal oils, plus candles, jewelry, tarot, crystals and minerals and over 150 incense scents. We offer classes and free celebrations.

DragonMarsh is a friendly and open shop, full of unusual and rare wares. We employ a staff to match our unique store; employees are selected for their over-all intelligence as well as for their knowledge of history and spirituality. If you visit our store and have a question, we are more than happy to share our knowledge and aid you in any way appropriate. Our store cat Pepper Jade will be happy to help you choose your purchases.

Pagan Family Owned & Operated by the Original Owners. We honor our customers with continued service and Quality!

Open 7 days a week!

Published by Kandy Crenshaw

I am a somewhat solitary panentheist witch, an organizer at heart, and a project manager turned PMO director by trade.

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