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Green Wisdom School of Herbal Studies 

Green Wisdom Herbal Studies is based in Long Beach, CA, where they are cultivating a community of herbalists, kitchen witches, plant lovers, gardeners, healers, and foragers. They welcome all lovers of the green, whether you are a newbie with what you think is a brown thumb (there are no brown thumbs, just folks who haven’t yet learned what to pay attention to yet!), or a doctor interested in herbs, or a scholar who has devoted your life to the healing plants. This is a space to cultivate greater knowledge, to engage with the local community, to teach, to learn, to grow. You should check them out online at www.greenwisdomherbalstudies.com

Jesper Toad Card (1)Jesper Toad

The Enchiridion Magistellus: A Visual Handbook of the Witches’ Art is a collection of eighty-four images blending concepts and practices drawn from several Witchcraft traditions and academic sources. Each image is shaped by the artist’s dreams, reverie, meditations, and journeys in the imaginal realm. You should check them out online at jespertoad.com.



The Art of Sigils by Gina Leslie

Tap into your hidden or dormant creativity by creating magickal symbols. You should check them out online at TheArtOfSigils.com



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Temple Los Angeles

Long Beach Pagan Meetup

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Alexandria II

Magikal Kabinets by Kalypsokrystal


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