2021 Sponsors

The Art of Sigils

The Art of Sigils encourages you to use sigils to tap into your inherent creativity. The 2021 update to this book includes a chapter on how to make sigils.

The Green Man Store

A complete resource for the pagan community, The Green Man Store offers (online and in person when safe) classes, workshops, rituals, and events as well as having a full shop of magical supplies, herbs, handmade magical incenses and oils, crystals, tools, and so much more. We also offer customized services for most magical needs from spell-crafting to psychic readings, and energy work with our in-house practitioners, psychics, and experienced staff.

Jennifer Morris – Crafting Your Magical Life

Jennifer Morris is a leader in the community and priestess of the Witch and Pagan Network. She brings quality programs to educate and advance the craft in order to help the community connect, learn, and grow.

Sacred Space Massage & Bodywork

Every aspect of the body, mind and spirit can benefit from therapeutic touch. We work with our clients to help them promote their own well-being, wellness and self-care.

Ancestral Trauma Healing with Krystal

Krystal Rains is an artist, herbalist, healer, and shamanic practitioner. She is focused on Healing Ancestral Legacy Trauma, using Q’ero Shamanism, Reiki and other modalities she has learned on her path.

What The Smut Podcast

A podcast with 4 women chatting about supernatural romance novels in all of their glorious and steamy detail. Spoilers, explicit adult conversations, and laughs included.

Gefjons Gifts

Gefjons Gifts helps values based orgs determine the right things to do and the right way to do them with strategic, tactical, and promotional consultation.

Monica Sorce

Tea leaf readings by Monica. Monica has donated one 30 minuet Tea Leaf Reading to our sweepstakes drawing! Follow her on Instagram @TeaLeafLady

The Singing Witches

The Singing Witches is a web resource to help Pagan and nature-centered worshipers find chants to include in their practices and rituals. We are just a group of folks coming together to create something useful. Check us out at the singingwitches.com

Auntie Kandy’s Apothecary

Auntie Kandy’s Apothecary shares information and recipes for herbal, aromatherapy, and natural wellness solutions.

Mary Ancilla Martinez

Artist Mary Ancilla Martinez finds inspiration in themes exploring a variety of predominantly feminine archetypes. She works using fairy tales, folk tales, myths and legends from around the world, as well as nature and her own life experiences. She appreciates the exploration of dreams, mythology, archetypes, alchemy and metaphysics. She is deeply inspired by nature, by the secret whispers of desert winds, the language of trees, the dynamism of the elements, and the infinity of the stars and cosmos.

MJD Knives

Custom knives and Fantasy/Steampunk items

SirMensi@aol.com 714-773-0268

The Indigo Mermaid TV

I am a pagan vlogger on YouTube who does tarot reading livestreams, horoscopes, reviews and vlogs on yoga. I will be closing and doing private readings as well as selling sterling silver jewelry, Crystal jewelry, candles and stones.

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