Utisettur (sitting out) for Beginners – Getting to know your local land spirits

UtisetturWhile much pagan practice concerns our relations with the Gods, we should not ignore the spirits and beings that share the very land we live on. Different cultures call them by many names: the Fair Folk; the Good Neighbors; the Tomte; Genius Loci; the Landvættír: Join us in a short walk and a meditation and begin the conversation with the spirits that surround us.

Karen Margret and Rod Basler have been involved in neopaganism, esoteric practice, and storytelling for more years than they care to admit. They are currently members of Hallowed Horn Kindred, an inclusive Heathen organization. They also enjoy long walks in the woods.

Published by Kandy Crenshaw

I am a somewhat solitary panentheist witch, an organizer at heart, and a project manager turned PMO director by trade.

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