A Midsummer Rite: Irish Bonfire Night

Irish bonfire night

Join us at Pacific Circle Revival 2018 for A Midsummer Rite: Irish Bonfire Night.

Called Bonfire Night in Ireland, it was most likely imported as part of St. Eoin (John’s) Eve with the advent of Christianity. Because it is between two major celebrations (Beltaine and Lughnassadh) it partakes a little bit of both. It is a time when the Sidhe move from their winter to summer homes. The time when Manannan Mac Lir takes his due from mortals living on the land. And when herbs are harvested in commemoration of the Fall and Rise of Miach, son of Dian Cecht, the healer. We will throw away the detritus of Winter and fully enter the summer, in Circle dance and song , calling to Aine and Manannan, make offerings to the land, give gifts to the Sidhe and “Dance at the CrossRoads”. Presented by
Nemed na Morrigna/ Murtagh anDoile and Ceolaire Saille.

Published by Kandy Crenshaw

I am a somewhat solitary panentheist witch, an organizer at heart, and a project manager turned PMO director by trade.

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