Morning Sun Salutation

with Krystal Rains

41602824 - beautiful summer landscape in the mountains at sunshine.

Quick 5 min wake up/meet up by the firepit and greet the Sun in the manner I was taught by a Peruvian Shaman in my studies.

Ever evolving, my personal path is opening before me.

I am extremely fortunate to have some amazing teachers come into my life, with paths as varied as they are. Shamanistic, Wiccan, Druidic, High Ceremonial Magik, Strega, Trad Craft, and Healing; the breadth and depth of commitment and knowledge is staggering. My spiritual home is The Green Man store in North Hollywood and I am connected with the Spiritual Unity Movement community in North Hills.

My personal path encompasses Traditional “Airts” Witchcraft with a healing practice using Q’ero Shamanism and Reiki that focuses on healing Ancestral Trauma Legacy.

I am an artist that creates one of a kind Magikal Kabinets that can be found at The Green Man and via my Facebook page.

I am an on the “Pacific Circle Revival” planning committee.

Published by Kandy Crenshaw

I am a somewhat solitary panentheist witch, an organizer at heart, and a project manager turned PMO director by trade.

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