Tentative Pacific Circle Revival 2019 Itinerary

Tentative Pacific Circle Revival 2019 Itinerary

Friday, June 21, 2019

12:00 PM  Ritual Opening Ritual
1:00 PM C&Y* Wire wrapping for Beginners with Krystal Rains
2:00 PM   Stewardship: Pruning is Good with Bibi Caspari
3:00 PM C&Y Mother Nature Always Provides with Chelsea Osbon
4:00 PM   Manifestation through Energy Work with Robert Ravnar
5:00 PM   Healing your ancestors between Root and Branch with Krystal Rains

Magical Housekeeping with Shana Leilani

6:00 PM   Dinner Hour
7:00 PM C&Y Story Time
8:00 PM  Ritual A Gift through the Roots with Robert Ravnar and Krystal Rains
9:00 PM   Open Drumming and Dance Circle

Saturday, June 22, 2019

8:00 AM   Peruvian Sun Salutation with Krystal Rains
9:00 AM  



Plant Walk with Jeanette Henry

Your Pagan Wedding with Melissa Love

Basic Ritual for Children with Jeffrey Albaugh and Chelsea Osbon

10:30 AM  



Shamanic Practices 101 with Jeanne McLaughlin

Tulpas, Thought Forms, Spirits, and Rituals with Murtagh anDoile

Leaf and Flower, Masks and Crowns with Jeffrey Albaugh and Chelsea Osbon

12:00 PM  Ritual Short Ritual  leading into Potluck
1:00 PM  
2:00 PM  




How to meet your Animal Spirit Totem with Monica Source

Introduction to the Elder Futhark with Braggwyn

DIY Drum making with Joyce Teubner

3:00 PM C&Y Water Tag/Elder Cat Circle
4:00 PM   Energy: How Do We Protect Ourselves with  Kimberly Oliver

Witch’s Pantry with Lilith Nightsong

5:00 PM  



Dinner With Zeus with Terez Falco

Dance, Drumming, and Song with Jeffrey Albaugh and Chelsea Osbon

6:00 PM   Dinner Hour
7:00 PM C&Y


The Battle of the Oak and Holly King Children’s’ Ritual
8:00 PM  Ritual An Offering for the Solar Deities with Southern California Temple of the Hellenic Gods
9:00 PM   Open Drumming and Dance Circle/ Smores with Witches

 Sunday, June 23, 2019

8:00 AM   Healing Work with Trey
9:00 AM   Understanding the Laws of Abundance with Rev. Michaela Rena
10:30 AM   Nordic Music Magic with Emma Cairo
12:00 PM C&Y En”chanting” the Forest with Chelsea Osbon
1:00 PM  Ritual Closing Ritual

*C&Y indicates a Children and Youth Activity

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