2021 PCR Camping List

Our Safety Coordinator and seasoned life long desert camper has created this Pagan Camping Checklist for your reference. Check it out and pack well.


* Tent, Extra Stakes, Neon String/Lighting

* Sleeping Bag/Bedding

– Pillows

– Cot/Air Mattress

– Air Pump (batteries)

– Door Mat

– Whisk Broom and Dustpan

– Duct Tape

* Multi-Purpose Camp Tool (Hatchet, Shovel, Stake Puller, Mallet)

-Rugs or floor coverings


* Camp-Friendly Soap in Container, Wash Cloth/Scrubbie, Towel(s)

* Wet Wipes 

* Camp-Friendly Shampoo/Conditioner, Hair Care Products

* Camp-Friendly Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Mouthwash, Dental Floss, Toothpicks

– Camp-Friendly Sanitary Products and Baby Needs

* Prescriptions and OTC Medicines

– Camp-Friendly Shaving Supplies 

– Shower Sandals (some types of daywear sandals can suffice)

– Nail Clipper, File,tweezers

* Camp-Friendly Deodorant/Antiperspirant

– Camp-Friendly Make-up, Brushes, Sharpener, Henna

* Camp-Friendly Insect Repellent 

* Camp-Friendly Sun Block, Lotion, Aloe Vera/Sunburn Ointment

* Sunglasses

* Camp-friendly Toilet Paper

* Clothes

– Jeans/Sweatpants, (Hooded) Sweatshirts/Long-Sleeved Shirts

– Shorts/Skirts/Kilts/Sarongs/Loin Cloths/Dresses, Coordinating Tops

– Ritual Garments

– Boots, Athletic Shoes and Sandals

– Extra Socks (bagged separately) (wool and cotton)

– Underwear, Sports Bras

– Umbrella/Poncho/Rain Coat, Galoshes/Wellies

-HATS keep yourself safe from the sun 

* Laundry/Garbage/Wet Bags, Camp-Friendly Laundry Soap 

Recreation/Road Trip

– Cards, Books, Magazines, Puzzles and Board Games

– Radio, CDs, MP3 Player

– Laptop/Game Player

– Camera


– Cigarettes and Lighters

– Ash Tray/Butt Container

* Pens and Notebook Paper

– Ritual Items and Offerings (travel altar, organic grass seed) also water guns for the Saturday Water rite! Have fun with it.

– Drum, Acoustic Guitar, Rattle, Whistle, etc.

Kitchen Needs

* Food

*Water! For any camping situation, a common rule of thumb is to bring at least 1 gallon of water per person per day—desert camping necessitates that much and more, especially during summer. If you’re bringing dogs, make sure you add them to your calculations as their body temp is higher than humans and quickly dehydrate. 

-Pickles, I know it sounds silly but it helps keep your salt levels up and reminds you to keep hydrated.

– Perishable (frozen meats, dairy, eggs, some fruits and veggies)

– (Near) Non-Perishable (canned, dried, citrus fruits, root veggies)

– Drinks (hard/soft, hot/cold)

– Snacks (crackers, trail mix, energy bars, dry cereal, hand fruit)

– Seasonings, Oils and Condiments (mustard, ketchup, salt, pepper)

* Large and/or Small Cooler with Ice, Thermometer

* Propane Range/Charcoal Grill/Hibachi

* Canteen/Water Bottle

* Picnic Basket or Chuck Box (for toting miscellaneous kitchen needs)

– Chairs

– Card Table

* Camp Kitchen

– Cooking Needs

* Skillet

* Sauce Pan/(camp) Dutch Oven

– Tea Kettle and/or Coffee Pot

– Potato Masher

– Vegetable Peeler

– Strainer/Colander

– Measuring Cup/Spoons

– Mixing/Serving Bowl(s)

* Utility Kitchen Knife (santoku), Bread Knife

– Barbecue Tools (tongs, grill brush, spatula, basting brush, fork)

* Cutting Board(s)

* Can and Bottle Opener

– Zippered Plastic Bags (1 quart size are universal)

* 2 Kitchen Cloths and/or Paper Towels

– Skewers

– Table Cloth and Table Clamps (vinyl for easy-clean purposes)

* Charcoal/Lighter Fluid/Propane/Kindling, Lighters/Safety Matches

* Aluminum Foil

* Meat Thermometer

* 2 Wash Basins

* Camp-Friendly Dish Soap

* Sponge/Rag 

* Place Setting/Mess Kit (plate, bowl, cup, utensils, mugs, napkins)

*Trash bags. We’re not leaving anything behind, pack out your own trash.

Other Essentials

-fire extinguisher 

– battery or solar powered Lantern(s)/Flash Light(s)/Batteries

* 12′ of Rope (clothes line, strapping, etc.)

* Folding Luggage Dolly

* Cell Phone with battery pack or Calling Card and Printed Map

* Picture ID and Camping Reservation

* First Aid Kit (aspirin, bandages, ointment, tweezers, scissors, etc.)

* Duffel/Sports Bag/Backpack (luggage)

– Purse/Tote/Fanny Pack/Mini Backpack

Here’s a list of “do not bring” items

-candles, tiki torches, incense, oil lamps (kerosene) anything with an open flame, we will be out in the dry desert during peak fire season, those found using these items will be asked to leave.

    (Propane stoves are okay as long as they’re supervised)

* denotes major, basic necessities

BOLD denotes possible large items

Published by Kandy Crenshaw

I am a somewhat solitary panentheist witch, an organizer at heart, and a project manager turned PMO director by trade.

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