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The Devil in the Details: Meeting the Man in Black

The Man in Black is, in the old stories, the one who meets the man or woman at the start of their journey, offering solutions to hardships. He is a psychopomp—a guide for the lost soul—exchanging magic beans for lean cows. A shape changer, he may present himself in his sable attire as a creature… Continue reading The Devil in the Details: Meeting the Man in Black

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DragonMarsh 2017 Sponsor

We are thrilled to announce that DragonMarsh is a Branch Sponsor for PCR 2017! DragonMarsh- History, Mystery & Magick Helping people find Spiritual Supplies since 1987. Located in Downtown Riverside since 1991, DragonMarsh is an historical and spiritual store which offers unique items and supplies for spirituality. DragonMarsh respects all life-affirming faiths, and carries supplies… Continue reading DragonMarsh 2017 Sponsor

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Pagan Leadership Council

This community discussion focuses on current issues of leadership within the contemporary Pagan community. Jeffrey Albaugh, and independent scholar, taught first through third grade and special education for two decades in California public school system, and now works as Lead Case Manager for a Workforce Investment Act Employment Program. Jeffrey holds a Bachelor’s in Theatre,… Continue reading Pagan Leadership Council