The Devil in the Details: Meeting the Man in Black

The Man in Black is, in the old stories, the one who meets the man or woman at the start of their journey, offering solutions to hardships. He is a psychopomp—a guide for the lost soul—exchanging magic beans for lean cows. A shape changer, he may present himself in his sable attire as a creatureContinue reading “The Devil in the Details: Meeting the Man in Black”

A little bit about stones

A talk on a few specific stones, their metaphysical qualities, what they look like and what you can use them for. Rose Quartz, Jade, Tiger’s Eye, Garnet and maybe a few more… Krystal Rains is a Traditional Witchcraft practitioner and is a Shamanic Healer, trained in Peruvian practices and Reiki with a personal focus onContinue reading “A little bit about stones”

Ayurveda – The science of life

Discussions of Healing, Food, Meditation and Yoga Determination of personal Dosha’s and methods of balancing the doshas Recipes of healing foods Kiva has been practicing and studying Ayurveda for several years. She is currently studying with Deepak Chopra at The Chopra center in Carlsbad California. In October Kiva will graduate as a Meditation Master andContinue reading “Ayurveda – The science of life”

Embracing the Responsibility of the Sacred Masculine

A challenge and call to action, for men and masculine identifiers to accept their responsibility as conduit of the Sacred Masculine. Questioning and overcoming what it stereotypicaly means to be a  “man”. Explaining that the sacred feminine also dwells within us. The importance of consent (despite orientation), and the duty of policing ourselves and otherContinue reading “Embracing the Responsibility of the Sacred Masculine”

Form Follows Energy or Does Energy Follows Form?

This lecture looks at the most basic forms that a structure could take and its relation to its ability to manipulate and channel energy. Examples will be given that illustrates this manipulation within both the historical context and modern equivalent. At the end of this lecture you will not only just understand how your ownContinue reading “Form Follows Energy or Does Energy Follows Form?”

Sun Goddess Bellydance and Goddess Circle

Encourage women to celebrate their inner goddess, through belly dance, as we move our bodies, just as women have through the ages, and draw in the loving energy of Mother Earth and the Solstice Sun! Juliana has been a witch for 20 years, a belly dancer for 17, a mother for 13, a soulmate forContinue reading “Sun Goddess Bellydance and Goddess Circle”