Fireside Song & Dance

Sing, drum and dance to good old fashioned Wicca and pagan tunes. “Cauldron of Changes,” the Element Chant and many more will have lyrics printed out for whoever would like to join. Lilith and Jen are Scorpio natural witches, distant in age and both drawn to the Morrigan.   Jen dedicated herself to Morrigan inContinue reading “Fireside Song & Dance”

The Devil in the Details: Meeting the Man in Black

The Man in Black is, in the old stories, the one who meets the man or woman at the start of their journey, offering solutions to hardships. He is a psychopomp—a guide for the lost soul—exchanging magic beans for lean cows. A shape changer, he may present himself in his sable attire as a creatureContinue reading “The Devil in the Details: Meeting the Man in Black”

Unleash Your Fire: Morrigan Ritual

Disclaimer: This ritual is not to fluff your ego. Enter with the desire for the core of your being to be revealed- bring what you wish to rid, and prepare to be tempered. If you haven’t met the Morrigan, the Morrigan is the ancient Irish Phantom Queen of primordial intuition, warfare, regeneration, healing. You’ve heard ofContinue reading “Unleash Your Fire: Morrigan Ritual”

A little bit about stones

A talk on a few specific stones, their metaphysical qualities, what they look like and what you can use them for. Rose Quartz, Jade, Tiger’s Eye, Garnet and maybe a few more… Krystal Rains is a Traditional Witchcraft practitioner and is a Shamanic Healer, trained in Peruvian practices and Reiki with a personal focus onContinue reading “A little bit about stones”