The Red Thread of Fate

This workshop traces the concept of the Red Thread of Fate from the Asian yarn of connectedness, examines the tangle of modern meaning in Contemporary and Traditional Witchcraft, and embroiders the meaning further as a pattern for unsnarling our lives and tying ourselves to what we believe has meaning and power. Jeffrey Albaugh, and independentContinue reading “The Red Thread of Fate”

Bring Down the Veils Vodou ritual

In traditional fashion, I will be creating an interactive as well as an educational ritual with Legba, Mama Brijette and Baron Samedi to bring down the veils of the crossroads for a chance to meet your Lwa (any family) and commune with them. Jymie has been an occultist for over 30 years. Previous owner ofContinue reading “Bring Down the Veils Vodou ritual”

Goddess Sexual Empowerment Workshop

Join your fellow sisters as we gather around the bonfire to celebrate what makes us feminine, what makes us unique. Our bodies and our sexuality are sacred, and something to celebrate and enjoy.  The hangover or patriarchy has left us feeling as if something is wrong with our sexuality, when the truth is quite theContinue reading “Goddess Sexual Empowerment Workshop”

Pagan Leadership Council

This community discussion focuses on current issues of leadership within the contemporary Pagan community. Jeffrey Albaugh, and independent scholar, taught first through third grade and special education for two decades in California public school system, and now works as Lead Case Manager for a Workforce Investment Act Employment Program. Jeffrey holds a Bachelor’s in Theatre,Continue reading “Pagan Leadership Council”

Sun Goddess Bellydance and Goddess Circle

Encourage women to celebrate their inner goddess, through belly dance, as we move our bodies, just as women have through the ages, and draw in the loving energy of Mother Earth and the Solstice Sun! Juliana has been a witch for 20 years, a belly dancer for 17, a mother for 13, a soulmate forContinue reading “Sun Goddess Bellydance and Goddess Circle”

Alchemy with Jymie Darling

Create a perfect elixir with Jymie Darling. Jymie will be bringing base oils to blend an oil for yourself in this interactive class on Alchemy. We will be learning both individual and society elixir with elementals. Jymie has been an occultist for over 30 years. Previous owner of the nations oldest occult store, Jymie isContinue reading “Alchemy with Jymie Darling”