Packing for PCR 2018

Remember Pacific Circle Revival is a traditional drive up campground so you will 100% responsible for bringing your own accommodations, food, and supplies. The site also does not have any running water so bring enough for drinking, cooking, washing, etc. If you want to enjoy personal site campfires please bring some wood for those. ThereContinue reading “Packing for PCR 2018”

Rejoicing Love in all its Phases

This is a two part experience. Beginning with a workshop in European Shamanic/Folk Healing magic. Learn how we can keep ourselves and our homes clean energetically and do a cleansing on yourselves for yourselves. The second part will be a healing ritual in sacred space filled with love in all its phases and a wholeContinue reading “Rejoicing Love in all its Phases”

Lakshmi mantra, mudra, yoga and invocation

A class for sacred movement with yoga namaskars for Lakshmi – Goddess of beauty and the earth. Teaching her mudra, chanting and breath work. Open with a call in the elements and invoicing her into the space. Finish with anointing of oils and blessings of Lakshmi. Swan Ryder (priestess name) is a trained priestess inContinue reading “Lakshmi mantra, mudra, yoga and invocation”