Plant Walk

           Explore the plants and trees of the Angeles National Forest with Jeanette Henry. On this plant walk Jeanette will focus on health promotion and common medicinal uses of flora in and around the Bandido Campground, with an ecological perspective on respect for environment both local and cosmic.


This year, Pacific Circle Revival's Children and Youth program will center on activities involved in the ritual presentation of the Battle of the Oak King and Holly Kings.  Workshops and activities will include an interactive presentation  on the mythology of the Oak and Holly Kings, a Do-It-Yourself Drumming Workshop and Drumming Circle, a workshop where… Continue reading

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DragonMarsh 2017 Sponsor

We are thrilled to announce that DragonMarsh is a Branch Sponsor for PCR 2017! DragonMarsh- History, Mystery & Magick Helping people find Spiritual Supplies since 1987. Located in Downtown Riverside since 1991, DragonMarsh is an historical and spiritual store which offers unique items and supplies for spirituality. DragonMarsh respects all life-affirming faiths, and carries supplies… Continue reading DragonMarsh 2017 Sponsor