Down to Earth EcoShire offers camping of three different types. They have a group campground, drive in sites, and walk-in tent sites. For Pacific Circle Revival 2021 we have reserved all 3 portions. Outside of PCR, only staff and members of the EcoShire community will be on site.  Check out the map for an overview. 

Down to Earth EcoShire is a your choice mask facility given the new CDC guidelines. However, as indicated in the registration to attend any workshops or rituals you will be required to be masked. This is for the safety of our entire community.

Although Down-to-Earth Ecoshire offers some special drive up and walk up specialty camp sites we will not be utilizing those during our event. The groups sites you will find on the map are Moon Meadow, Hawk Watch, Axe Landing, and Gathering Glen. They are marked with a yellow circle. The other spaces may be occupied by residents and staff.

During our campout, only one fire pit will be permitted in the space. This is because of the dry year and it being the height of fire season. Propane cook stoves are recommended for food preparation.

EcoShire has 1 flush toilets, 2 compost toilets, and one solar shower. They have plans to install 2 additional compost toilets before our event. We encourage you to consider the facility placement when choosing a campsite.

Down to earth EcoShire is a self sustainable community. Although they do have running water it all comes from the land and is recycled to the land. Water conservation is of the utmost importance. Be mindful of taps and careful to be certain they are off.

The EcoShire is a 35 acre facility. While you won’t be needing to run from one side to the other there is plenty of space to explore. Some committee members will be bringing bicycles to make moving around the space quicker. You are welcome to do so as well.

Pets are welcome at EcoShire but must remain on leash. There are other domestic animals on the property and the cats, ducks, chickens, and goats don’t want to play chase. There are also the wildlife you would expect in these parts.

We anticipate the temperatures during the height of day to be in low 90’s and the night to drop into the mid 50’s. The meadow is at the base of the mountains and cooler than many low desert areas but we will work towards providing ample shade and you can take a dip in the cooling pool.

While some picnic tables and seats are available in the common areas they are not in the group camping space. You will need to bring your own camp chairs and tables for food preparation and eating meals.

Down-to-Earth Ecoshire is a large property and we can enjoy our connection with nature to it’s fullest. On the flip side, it’s also VERY close to everything you might need. You will find everything from grocery stores to swimming pools in Hemet which is a short 10 minutes drive.

If you have a question, please feel free to ask on the Facebook event page or email us at

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