Down to Earth EcoShire offers camping of three different types. They have a group campground, drive in sites, and walk-in tent sites. For Pacific Circle Revival 2021 we have reserved all 3 portions. Outside of PCR, only staff and members of the EcoShire community will be on site.  

During our campout, only one fire pit will be permitted in the space. Propane cook stoves are recommended for food preparation.

EcoShire has 2 flush toilets, 1 compost toilet, and one solar shower. They have plans to install 2 additional compost toilets before our event. A map of the facility will be available soon. We encourage you to consider the facility placement when choosing a campsite.

Pets are welcome at EcoShire but please be aware that there are other domestic animals on the property. These include chickens and goats which don’t want to play chase. Our map (when available) will highlight where these animals live but they are not restricted.

More information will be coming soon! If you have a question, please feel free to ask on the Facebook event page or email us at

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