PCR Campout Rules

Rules for Bandido Campground:

  • No generators, live bands or loud music
  • The check-out time for all campgrounds is 11:00 AM
  • No water available; campers must bring drinking water
  • Bears frequent the area; all food must be kept in approved containers
  • Hay must be certified weed free (regular weeds)
  • Out-of-state horses must have current Coggins test

PCR Rules:

Pets are allowed. They must be restrained at all times and socialized to deal with crowds and other animals. Owners are responsible for cleanup and behavior. If your pet becomes stressed during the campout, we recommend having a backup plan of a friend or relative who can take the pet home. A pet that becomes agitated, noisy, etc., may be asked to leave the premises. Know your animal, how they behave in this sort of environment,and please be responsible. Mountain lions and bears do frequent the area.

Alcohol is allowed. Please drink responsibly. If a person or group becomes disruptive, that person or group will be excluded from further activity at this camp-out and future camp-outs, and asked to leave the campground when sober.

No illegal drugs are permitted on the premises. Medical marijuana patients are not protected while on federal park land or forest. If you have a prescription for medical marijuana, we suggest you speak with your physician prior to attending the camp-out. We strongly encourage you to continue your other prescription medications during the camp-out. Wanting to be “free” of your regular medications may cause complications and we have no medical staff, nor do cell phones work at the campground. It could be some time before medical help can be contacted or an emergency is treated.

Mental Health Advisory: If you have a mental health condition, and it is not stabilized or is only recently stabilized, then you may want to reconsider attending the camp-out. It is not advisable to participate in programs of this nature. If you are unsure, please consult your psychologist and/or psychiatrist and follow their advice.

No firearms/weapons are permitted and there is no shooting range. An Athame for ritual use is fine.

Food must be managed properly and not left out overnight. This is bear country and any food not properly stored will attract wildlife, which may jeopardize patrons of the camp out. Please follow guidelines set out by the National Forest Services.

 For more information please see Angeles National Forest Website

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